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First thoughts…

Welcome to blog-allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Patty and I live in Montana with my husband Tom, 2 kids, 3 cats & 3dogs.  My husband has always been supportive of everything I have done and is the “brains” of the outfit (I am the creative one).  The kids are not really “kids” anymore-they are 20 & 21.  The dogs are my Basset Hounds that I name after vacuum cleaners, Kirby, Roomba & Daisy. You see the food never actually hits the floor before they suck it all up.  Yes I will get a Hoover but I want that to be a male.  The cats…well they are cats.

After we were married I taught myself how to sew. When the kids came along I made baby clothes, curtains, tablecloths, recovered the furniture.  Then I read an article about quilting and I never looked back.  I bought every quilting magazine I could get my hands on.  I devoured books from the library to the bookstores. I joined the local quilt guild.I took classes at the quilt shops. I made several quilts before I entered my first show. I was thrilled when I won a ribbon! I knew I had found my “niche”!

We turned my hobby into a business. Sew Happy Quilts.


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