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Time really does fly.

I had every intention of devoting more time to my blog, but alas things (life) made that difficult.  Now we are in the process of moving out of state!  It is indeed a good thing-alot of new quilt shops to explore, once we get settled anyway.

It is taking me F O R E V E R to pack up my fabric.  I am enjoying seeing fabric I had purchased long ago and forgotten about.  Therefore each piece, whether it is a smallish scrap or the entire bolt I had to have, must be admired and refolded.  I am trying to keep the colors together in each box but that is more challenging than I had anticipated.  I have been supporting the quilt shops for quite a few years and my collection shows it!  I have only cleared off 3 of my shelves and have 5 more to go.

I have also attempted to begin the process of packing up my extensive magazine library.  I feel it is my duty to look at the marked pages. There were many pages labeled though looking through them I have no idea what I was thinking! I take the post it off the page and put the magazine in the box.  I had planned on packing all the Quilter’s Newsletters together, then all Quilter’s Worlds together, American Patchwork and so on. You get the idea. But that is not happening either.

That’s all for now,  I have many more boxes calling my name…..

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Sticky Tips-Glue Sticks

Glue sticks have a number of different uses-You either love them or you hate them.  I love them!  I get clear and purple to use on a variety of color fabric.

If you find washable glue sticks on sale, buy a few dozen-They will stay fresh and pliable if you store them in the refrigerator.

Use glue sticks on applique pieces to hold them in place instead of pinning.

Glue sticks are great when working with synthetic suede and leather and the like -really anything you don’t want to pin-you can utilize clips but I find that sometimes they will leave a mark.

Glue sticks work perfectly for English Paper piecing also-I glue the fabric to my card stock Hexies (my personal favorite), Press them, Let them cool then I take out the card stock and press again-this makes them so much easier to whip stitch together!


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No Resolutions=No Regrets

I was so anxious to start my own blog but….I have to admit it was more difficult than I had imagined!  I quickly became discouraged with the amount of spam I got instead of reply’s to my posts.  Then I had trouble posting pictures to my blog.  I wish I was more technically inclined but I find that I must ask how to do things more than once and helpers (my children) get tired of repeating directions.  So I simply stopped asking them for help.  Then there was a change of jobs for me this year- a very exciting course of events and I find I really love this new job-But as we are all aware there is a period of adjustment that honestly I had not had to deal with for many years.  Things are settling down for me and I have found the desire to get back into this blog thing!

I have made NO resolutions for the new year, but rather I have challenged myself to meet certain goals.  Goals can be reset.  A resolution to me is something “set in stone” you either did it or you failed. I think “goals” are a bit more user friendly.

I don’t want to bore you with what my goals are….lets just say you may notice the changes on your own!

On that note I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and success with your own goals!

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Out like a lamb?!?!?

I am tired of being cold! I am tired of winter-thought it was gone but it insists on reminding me of the beauty of freshly fallen snow.  Yes it pretty but so is spring!  Come on Mother Nature-remind me of green lawns & flowers budding with rainbow colors. I want to sit on the porch with my husband after a rain storm, watching Robins pull worms from the ground.  I want to walk my hounds without watching where I step so I don’t slip on the ice.  I want to drive into town with the windows down and the radio up singing off key but not caring who hears me!

I think it is time to put Winter in a “time out”-

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Time does fly!

It’s almost the end of February-already!

I remember my dad saying “where does the time go?” I always thought “What?! It took forever for me to turn 16, 18, 21  etc” .

But now as I am older and my kids are grown I know what he meant. I miss the days of everything is exciting-When they were little everything was fun- I saw to that! When they were little they loved being with me & their dad-They were not embarrassed when we burst into song or honked and waved to someone walking on the country road we were driving.  I miss the board games that were fun and educational – I loved reading the bedtime stories. Some I can still recite from memory.  I miss jumping in the car after a rainstorm to find the end of that rainbow…Yes I do miss those days but now when everyone comes home and I make their favorites and we play a game of cutthroat Monopoly we are making new memories! I am sure that I will look back at those days & miss them also!

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