Sew Happy Thoughts…

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Time does fly!

It’s almost the end of February-already!

I remember my dad saying “where does the time go?” I always thought “What?! It took forever for me to turn 16, 18, 21  etc” .

But now as I am older and my kids are grown I know what he meant. I miss the days of everything is exciting-When they were little everything was fun- I saw to that! When they were little they loved being with me & their dad-They were not embarrassed when we burst into song or honked and waved to someone walking on the country road we were driving.  I miss the board games that were fun and educational – I loved reading the bedtime stories. Some I can still recite from memory.  I miss jumping in the car after a rainstorm to find the end of that rainbow…Yes I do miss those days but now when everyone comes home and I make their favorites and we play a game of cutthroat Monopoly we are making new memories! I am sure that I will look back at those days & miss them also!

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