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You know you are a quilter when…….

on February 9, 2015

1.  You  have pins &/or a threaded needles stuck in the passenger sun visor of your car.

2.  You have been known to talk to fabric at home AND in stores.

3.  You know it is OK to pet your fabric-Just NOT when you are driving.

4.   Your husband and kids can correctly name quilt blocks.

5.   You join swaps and get really excited when you get fabric/blocks or gifts in the mail from someone you have never met.

6.   You have a legal and calorie free “stash” in your home.

7.   You go on vacation and you are the one taking pictures of the floor instead of the sights because you think it would make a wonderful quilting design.

8.    You plan your vacation route by how many quilt shops you can get to.

9.    Your entire family knows to stay away from YOUR scissors and warn others to do so also.

10.  You have to take the threads OFF of the clothes when folding the laundry.


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